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An epic expedition in the Arctic: Mosaic


The Arctic is the planet’s ultimate cooling system. It is now warming faster than anywhere else on earth, scrambling weather patterns and resulting in extreme weather events.

The biggest expedition of all times to the Arctic

An epic expedition, Mosaic, had been executed to explore the Arctic climate system from September 2019 to October 2020. Ten years in planning and costing over $150 million, Mosaic is the largest, and most ambitious climate research project in history involving 500 scientists and experts from 20 nations. With 150 days without sunlight and more remote than the international space station.

During the expedition, 7 icebreakers and research ships from Russia and Germany were used. -42.3 °C, the lowest temperature was encountered on the expedition. More than 60 polar bears were sighted nearby. 4,297 m was the deepest point in the ocean at which the expedition took measurements.

The very stunning thing of this expedition is, from 1 January 2023 all data is to be freely available to everyone on the planet. From schoolchildren to NGOs, political parties, corporations, and average citizens – will enjoy unlimited access to the Mosaic data. This proves the purpose of this expedition is to benefit all humankind.

A must-see documentary of this epic expedition

You can witness the challenging tasks of hundreds of scientists taking the closest look ever at the Arctic on the documentary Arctic Drift: ‘A Year on Ice’

You can also visit the web-site of the photographer Esther Horvath, for her marvelous photos taken at the exhibition.

Arctic lovers can also find ’10 great films set in the Arctic and Antarctica’ from this list.

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