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Are you in goblin mode?


Do you feel like you’re living in the eye of the storm? Constantly increasing in intensity. darkening. And making everything darker.

I guess we are the children of the damned world to suffer. Not just the one who has been punished, but the one who has to take responsibility for what’s to come. The one who gets up every day and tries to hold on to life physically and spiritually. At the same time, he maintains his responsibilities as a good and responsible individual. Hard. Exhausting.

The tragic thing is that the person himself is responsible for this whole situation. In fact, as humanity, have we not taken the ship too low now?

Take a look at where we’ve come. The wars written in pain and blood in the history of the world must not have taught enough lessons that we are constantly witnessing new ones. Where there are wars, new dramas take place, while in the rest of the world, even deaths are just a number, brutally ordinary.

No one can tolerate differences anymore. Different thoughts, beliefs, lifestyles, preferences… You are either one of us or the rest of us.

We have fundamental problems with incontrovertible reality. But, have no point of agreement on them. Besides, we are at a point where even the truth itself is debated and scrambled according to shameless agendas of interest.

While the world is trying to save the day at some point between the pandemic epidemic, economic collapse and the third world war, a group of people are trying to go a long way for issues such as climate crisis, equality and freedom.

With his hypocrisy and insatiable greed, man simply consumes. He always wants more in order to consume more. More money, more power and more power. On the other hand, forgetting that what he actually consumes is himself…

Goblin mode as a way out!

As a result of all this, a dark mood has emerged.

The word of the year ‘goblin mode’ actually describes this mood. Conceptually, it reflects ‘the feeling of being overwhelmed and the reaction of people who have to show their good face to the outside world’.

The person in the goblin mode refuses to act according to social norms, does not bother to be lazy and not fulfill the responsibilities imposed by the society. It kind of goes into ‘genie mode’, leaving everything downhill.

The path to this mood began with the pandemic. Remember, humanity, which was locked in the pandemic, suddenly became extra careful about exhibiting healthy skills. What happened then? The endless effects of the epidemic and, as if that weren’t enough, the many problems that the world has had to deal with have caused people to pull the plug in the face of some customary memorizations and social pressures.

It’s like blowing fuses, cutting off electricity instead of causing major damage. As an escape from all these problems, the mind actually aims to switch to the ‘genie mode’, to live as it wishes while being invisible and to stay away from pressures.

I told you, we are the children of the damned world who suffer. I think humanity has never before been so ‘stuck’ and in such exit-seeking moods. That’s why maybe we’re all in a bit of ‘goblin mode’ today!

However, everything is determined by our preferences. Either we will become invisible and go with the flow, or we will not give up the struggle and change the world.

Personally speaking, my preference will not be the first one…

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