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‘Black Fridays’ are coming! Be ready!


Look what we’ve become!

Production models that exploded with the industrial revolution also changed our consumption practices. With the contribution of marketing, a ‘consumer’ form has developed, focused on consuming at all costs. Modernization and urbanization want more; for this, it became the guise of earning more at all costs and thus consuming more.

On top of that, the state of happiness and well-being has also become consumption indexed. Social media visualized and showcased this. We sought these states of happiness and well-being in better cars, better homes, holidays, fantastic tables, in the world of luxury brands.

Here is the tragedy! If we couldn’t reach them as much as we see in others; we felt frustrated, defeated, and bad. That’s why we have a goal of buying more, eating more, traveling more, doing more, that is, consuming more of everything.

Curse of consumption!

Now we have a season of crazy shopping deals ahead of us until new year. Once again, one-night shopping stands will surround us.

But, coming into this storm with some awareness can be very helpful. Because, when a product is purchased; A series of problems arise that will result from the making, transportation, use, and eventual destruction of that product, affecting the entire planet. Carbon emissions, plastic pollution, water consumption etc. is one of them. In addition to its negative effects on the planet; I’m not even going into issues such as production conditions, employee rights, justice…

In that case,

– Just simply look at your home. How many of the items you have are necessary? Do we really need all this stuff? Are you the owner of the house or your belongings? How do you feel in a house full of items you have never used or even seen?

– Let’s continue. Open your wardrobes. How many clothes do you have that you keep so that I can wear them when I lose a few pounds? Or that you haven’t even looked at your face for months? Shoes, bags, belts, ties… How much do you really need?

– Do you really need more, newer, and different? To repair what is broken, to consider less-used alternatives instead of new ones, to evaluate unused items and clothes on existing second-hand platforms for the use of others; So, wouldn’t it be beneficial to increase the lifespan of products?

Now, before you say yes to those tempting ‘buy’ offers on the very crazy shopping days, ask yourself two or three times: Do I really need this? Why am I taking it? How much will I use? Does the product harm the environment?

Believe me, the total benefit you will provide with smart consumption and simplification will be far beyond your estimation. Both economic and environmental…

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