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It is not the climate, but a humanitarian crisis!


There is a fundamental difference between nature and man. Nature has no hidden agenda!

But, what about the human? There is an obvious or secret agenda behind every move. Moreover, he has heavy manipulation skills. Instead of making rational and rational decisions based on facts, the brain, developed by evolution, does everything necessary for an indifferent life to be lived in completely opposite behavior and thought patterns.

The defense mechanisms are so good that the phenomenon of reality can be completely ignored. Besides; political, economic, ideological, sociological, social norms and patterns come into play, which complicates the work even more as different layers.

Nature is not like that. Consistent and clear. Not open to manipulation. Or very heavy interventions, changes that will not be played with the technique of harmony, endless consumption and all that can be played…

Today, the disasters we experience on earth; fires, floods, droughts, and unprecedented storms are caused by the disruption of the balance between nature and human being in favor of humans and in a very distorted way.

Climate change is not to blame for every disaster!

Climate change, which we push forward easily as the cause of every disaster, is not responsible for this disturbed balance.

Climate change is not a crisis created by nature, on the contrary, it is a very severe crisis created by man and whose consequences cannot be fully predicted even today. And it’s not our 4.5 billion-year-old world that will be hit hard, it’s humanity itself.

We upset the balance of nature.

Human, who has learned to live in a balanced way with nature over the centuries, has turned this relationship into an endless source to satisfy the insatiable hunger of consumption in favor of itself, with the industrial revolution. The balanced relationship was shaken to its foundations.

Nature, which has a sharp power of adaptation, could not recover the damage inflicted by this brutality in such a short time and became unable to balance itself. And so, this unique balance and harmony that had been going on for thousands of years was broken. Nature has shifted from being clear and consistent to giving more obscure responses. This was demonstrated by unprecedented temperatures, fires, floods and droughts.

Human, who is not a rational creature, still finds it difficult to understand and accept these issues today. Despite all the scientific facts, a high number of people think that climate change is not true. Of course, especially the fossil fuel industry, some governments and interest groups are making billions of dollars of lobbying and greenwashing to turn this issue into a mess.

People do only respond to issues that touch their daily life practices.

The calls made by scientists, the slogans of ‘our world is dying’ and the poor polar bears we see on the melting glacier, far from mobilizing people about it, cause them to reject the issue completely.

However, there are now, unfortunately, so many real examples that affect us deeply: animal breeders who faced a fire that was as big as before and could not even find food in their living quarters, fishermen who could not hunt due to mucilage, families who could not swim, farmers who could not get crops due to drought, and those who lost everything due to floods. …

Connecting all these disasters to the climate crisis and thus revealing the culprit without taking any responsibility is neither the right nor the moral approach. The reason for these is primarily human-induced; It is necessary to say without hesitation that unconsciousness, carelessness and greed are at the top of these causes and that climate change is a result of them.

Climate change is a result, not a cause.

It originates from humans and the solution is in humans. Of course, it is imperative that states, policy makers, large institutions and organizations take sincere, constructive and transformative measures regarding these issues. But let’s not forget that there are many things we can do individually as well.

The bigger the problem, the more difficult it seems to solve, and therefore the more likely we are to do nothing – rather than do something. However, as Adrienne Maree Brown said: “Small is good, small is everything. First, we must believe that our individual participation is valuable.”

We can all do something in the fight against climate change, deforestation, global warming, plastic pollution. Small actions have big results.

Follow reputable sources; learn, increase your knowledge and awareness. Start transforming your daily practices into eco-living and conscious consumption. And spread this around you.

Remember: ‘Small is good. Small is everything.’

So, #ActNow

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