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Look ahead not up!


What would happen if an asteroid were speeding towards Earth? The answer varies for the asteroid and humanity!

From the asteroid point of view, it would continue to advance directly, unconditionally, and unquestionably as a threat to Earth with a high probability of impact. It finally crashed. Simple and painless…

If we look at it from the point of view of humanity, the answer is not so clear and sharp. Despite all the scientific truths, a situation emerged in which we witnessed polarizations, as in all matters, with possibly diametrically opposite interpretations, views, and information regarding this absolute danger that it would cause damage by colliding with the Earth. Dramatic, tragic, painful and pathetic…

Nature has no hidden agenda!

There is a fundamental difference between nature and man. Nature has no hidden agenda!

However, humans are not like that! Behind every move and behavior there is an open or hidden agenda. Moreover, human has heavy manipulation skills.

Just like in the movie ‘Don’t Look Up’, even the absolute truth is manipulated by those in power, according to the infamous agendas, even in the sharp death/life plane on the killer comet approaching towards the Earth…

The lethal comet in the movie is a powerful metaphor for the human condition in relation to the climate crisis. While criticizing the politics/media/system that makes it impossible for people to know/learn the truth, the film also reveals the difficulty of forcing those who are indifferent to serious issues to be sensitive.

Climate crisis is a communication problem!

Let me repeat what I believe. I think that scientists have fulfilled their mission regarding the climate crisis and the environment, and now the main task is with communication specialists to mobilize people.

The reason is simple! When convincing someone to change their mind on an important issue, how it is said is more important than what is said. This is where insights come into play. If a person feels attacked, disrespected, or despised, or if they are afraid, they may close themselves off. Therefore, it can reject even the most rational, correct and vital arguments.

People are not rational. They may be inclined to accept the ‘wrongnesses’ of a persuasive voice rather than the ‘truths’ presented inappropriately and alienating. Our history is full of tragic examples of this!

Communication specialists can help create ways to articulate, name, process feelings about climate change and integrate them into everyday life. It can provide the collective awareness and consciousness needed for individual, social and political transformation and trigger action. Moreover, despite the manipulative agendas of all power centers…

Now you can look up: DART

‘Don’t Look Up’ is scathing criticism as a fictitious political satire. He is storytelling through the comet, which is a life threat to humanity and is coming towards Earth.

However, this story has a real life counterpart. NASA launched the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) project to deflect asteroids that could approach Earth from their orbits. DART will be the world’s first planetary defense test mission.

For this purpose, NASA launched the DART vehicle towards the Didymos asteroid on November 24, 2021.

We can say that the $325 million DART mission is a kind of kamikaze mission. This vehicle, weighing 500 kg, will crash into Dimorphos, the satellite of Didymos. We will have to wait for the date, September 26, 2022, to see the impact of such a collision on defending our Earth.

No need to wait for a new one, the threat is already ahead!

According to researches, no known asteroid larger than 140 meters has a chance to crash into Earth for the next 100 years.

However, we do not have a comfortable period of 100 years for our problems that have reached a critical point, such as the climate crisis. Yes, climate change, environmental problems, is not an epic danger that could wipe out all of humanity in the same way that a large asteroid smashed into the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. (at least for now)

But it’s not something to be taken lightly.

As a result of climate change, the rise in the water level with the melting glaciers, thus the regions and cities that will be flooded, drought and drinking water problems, the destruction of agricultural areas; When we think about the climate migrations, political and social ruptures, possible wars, increasing inequality and justice that these will trigger, we may be pregnant with long and very painful days for humanity.

Therefore, while working to find solutions to the problems that stand ahead us, making individual efforts for transformation; For policy makers, institutions and organizations, being demanding seems like the most pragmatic way we can do.


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