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The main problem of humanity: Hypocrisy


The common point of all the problems that humanity is dealing with today is hypocrisy. Here are wars, climate and environmental problems, justice, gender equality, basic human rights…

Look at the deplorable situation in Ukraine. The tragic point where an enraged leader’s effort to turn a new page in history has brought humanity…

The news and images from Ukraine are alarming. It is a terrible thing that life, while flowing with ordinary troubles for the people there, suddenly turns into a life-or-death struggle.

Wars are bad. It doesn’t matter for any geography, any country or society. This is where the sin of hypocrisy begins.

Hierarchical empathy!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was met with backlash. As it’s supposed to be. But even this has a more painful side in itself for humanity. While America and Europe remained unresponsive and distant to wars and conflicts in distant geographies, they adopted a different attitude here. Almost as if they saw it as a threat to their own lives, that is, by empathizing, they reacted strongly to the war in Ukraine, unlike what happened in other geographies.

So much so that borders were opened to those fleeing the occupation in Ukraine, and those fleeing violence in the Middle East and Africa, with a speed and ease never done before. Ukrainians were hailed as “European”, “civilized”, “blue-eyed and blond-haired” people. Bombs and missiles were things that should not rain down on an educated population, on cities full of tall buildings and bustling universities. The people living here were also people who should not be subjected to violence.

Because war was something that belonged to geographies and people that we didn’t even know where. It was the reality of tin neighbourhood, of arid and uncivilized societies.

Here is the naked ugliness of our hypocrisy. Putting the political side of things aside, even our empathy as individuals is not one and only. Hierarchical and biased. But wars are bad. For every geography, every society and every person…

Look at the recent problems of humanity, not just wars. You will see deep traces of this hypocrisy everywhere.

Isn’t the environment and climate crisis issues our biggest common problem globally? While big states are making big statements about this issue, they simply stay away from protecting even the trees.

What about issues like gender equality, basic human rights? Aren’t there those who lecture everyone on these issues, but who are sexist even in the language they use every day at home and at work?

The gaps between what companies say and what they do, who have sworn to save the world… Those who continue to send their products to the 3rd world countries, which they ended up making for civilized countries… On the one hand, brands that are the staunch defenders of language, race and gender equality, on the other hand, their own labor rights violations…

Thousands of examples could be listed. All of this has only one result for humanity: Never being able to reach the balance of ‘good and right’ in the common for all…

Let’s look in the mirror!

It would only be a utopian wish to completely eliminate hypocrisy, which has lived and strengthened like the shadow of humanity throughout history. However, it will be critical for a sustainable and healthy future to begin to sand down the ossified structure and try to thin its impact.

I am one of those who believe that individual action and transformation is the greatest power here as well. It is useful to hold the mirror to ourselves and think sincerely.

Beginning with our family and our daily lives, in what situations and circumstances do we consciously or unconsciously cling to hypocrisy, that is, we pretend, we speak and act as someone we are not really? Do we have a unity of discourse and action, or are we in a situation that is behaving differently? How do we set an example and raise our children?

At the very least, we should have a responsibility to be honest with ourselves about it. Otherwise, it would be folly beyond delusion, to expect it to be resolved for all humanity, while we have not sincerely resolved this issue on an individual level.

Let Malcolm X have the last word:

“I respect the man who tells him where he stands, even if it’s wrong, more than someone who looks like an angel and is actually nothing but the devil.”

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