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Rambo vs. Water Cops!


Slyvester Stallone is in trouble for watering the magnificent garden of his $18 million mansion! The same goes for celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Howie Mandel. Water crisis is now effecting even the rich! And water cops are on duty!

Calabasas is a district of Los Angeles where the famous and wealthy live. These days, this bright neighborhood is struggling with the problems that come with the water crisis. With problems peculiar to the rich, of course. Thousands of square meters of grass turn into big brown grass clouds because they are not irrigated enough. Celebrities and their multimillion-dollar estates are not exempt from this problem, either.

The water crisis has become such that the gardens are allowed only one day a week to irrigate in this rich region. However, there is an amount of water that everyone can use. Starting with the fine for those who exceed this, the penalties going to cut off the water are on the agenda.

This is followed by the water cops. Water cops patrol the area constantly, documenting violations. They follow the complaints and impose the necessary penalties.

‘Well, what am I going to do with 500 trees?’

“We are concerned about the misidentification of the water use situation on my client’s property. There are more than 500 mature trees on the property, including pines as well as numerous fruit trees. If there is not enough watering, they will most likely die. This could result in dead or damaged trees falling on my client’s property or neighboring properties.

My client is handling the situation responsibly and proactively. They let the grass die and other areas are irrigated with a drip irrigation system. They have also informed the authorities about mature trees and are awaiting a review and instruction from them on how to act.”

These words belong to the lawyer of Sylvester Stallone, who was in the news for consuming 3.5 times more water than his limit. His lawyer, in his written statement, states that the grass is already dead, but they are waiting for the authorities to say what should be done for 500 living trees!

Water crisis will change all life practices.

This issue, which has an impact on the life practices of even the rich, is an important example that the water crisis and the measures that have not been on the agenda until now will enter every aspect of everyone’s life without exception. Even a lot of money is not enough to be exempt from this problem anymore. Money does not create a shield.

Nevada passed a law in 2021 that requires most property owners other than single-family homes to clean their lawns by 2026. Swimming pools are required to be covered to prevent evaporation, while washing cars is prohibited in some areas.

Ornamental ponds were closed in Verona and Milan, Italy, among the worst-affected countries. In many cities, it is illegal to use drinking water for garden irrigation and washing cars. Irrigation of garden plants and lawns is strictly regulated in almost all of France. In Switzerland, it is forbidden to water gardens, wash cars or fill swimming pools with tap water. The penalty is also quite high, 10 thousand francs.

As the water decreases, the measures will be necessary!

70% of the world is covered with water. But only 0.007 percent of it ensures the survival of humanity and other living things. This limited but vital resource is now turning into an even more scarce resource.

Mandatory restrictions await humanity, which still does not voluntarily provide the necessary transformation against this obvious danger. Examples have already begun.

By taking individual responsibility, forcing ourselves and our family to transform first and then our environment… This is the simplest method that we will start to implement right away.

Of course, it’s nice to ride in clean cars. But what if we focus on interior cleaning instead of exterior and minimize water consumption in vehicles? What if we preferred vegetation that would live with less water instead of grass, which needs a lot of water?

Just two small examples. But with a little awareness, it is possible to find hundreds of similar ones that will take precautions and transform daily life.

So, #actnow!


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